Saltpans in Sicciole (Secovije). An incredible place! To see!

Solitary beach: not the natural beach Bele Skale. Another natural beach, 30 minutes walking from the apartments. There, is difficult to find other people! It's reachable also walking on the beach, from Beke Skale. 

The monolith, which in the folk tradition is also known by the name of "Kamen tro-Glav", To Krkavče, 6000 Koper
The monolith, which in the folk tradition is also known by the name of "Kamen tro-Glav", To Krkavče, 6000 Koper
Herons in the Strunjan salt pans
Herons in the Strunjan salt pans
Strunjan salt pans
Strunjan salt pans

Natural Healing Resort Tunjice

Holistic Health Centre offers products and services for the diagnosis, prevention and cure. It is a unique space dedicated to the treatment and self-medication, it is eliminating blockages and pain, infertility, detoxification, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing the body and release. In addition to the unique services and multi-day programs for individuals, couples and groups, we also offer courses and workshops in the field ofself-healing and a variety of products that are the result of their own research and innovative work.
Holistic Health Centre is located in the Natural Health resort Tunjice, which is the only point in Slovenia which has scientific evidence about the healing effects on various disease states.
The Natural Healing resort Tunjice you will find 10 centers ie. healing points, which verifiably improve various physical, psychological and mentalstatus, and help on the path to self-medicate. Scientist Dr. Korotkov from the Institute of Physical Culture in St. Petersburg during the investigation terrain scientifically proved that in the field of Natural Healing resort Tunjice came to the surface more active centers, each of whom has special curative effect on one or more organ systems of the human body.
Self-medication in healing centers and 3-frequency dome was organized under the expert guidance of a therapist every day,
but it is necessary to pre-order on phone: 00 386 41 785 675

Our experiences show that this approach helps all the patients to form a trustworthy connection with therapist, which is very important during the therapy.



Drink water that has a similar composition to the water in your body.

What kind of water do you drink? Death or living? Choose water full of energy; choose Living Water from Natural health resort Tunjice near Kamnik.

You will realize that you are drinking the seventh wonder of the world with every sip of the Living Water. Natural health resort Tunjice is one of just seven identified locations in the world with water with a constant surface tension! The water contains as much as 75 stable elements that are vital for the body. With its characteristics, it helps preserve the optimal level of your living energy.

The Living Water has been scientifically studied and tested. The results of the EPC tests at the Institute for Electrophotonic in Berlin are proof of its power and unique structure. Drinking 2 decilitres of Living Water helps maintain the optimum energy of a person’s biofield.
Drinking 2 decilitres of Living Water every 4 hours helps maintain the optimal level of energy in the body.
It promotes self-healing, regenerates, stimulates and detoxifies. Drinking Living Water is recommended for people with mental and physical problems. It strengthens the immune system, helps reduce allergies, eczema, and alleviates stomach and digestive problems. We can also use it for compresses and gentle bathing when in pain, injuries, wounds, eye problems. 

AUTUMN IN SLOVENIJA! Amazing colors all around you, wine, food..... Whatelse!


Autumn is a beautiful time to visit the far west of Slovenia. The leaves of the Malvazija, Jakot and Rebula vines are flecked with gold, amber and pink. Light breezes rustle the olive and permission bushes. The odd hiker traversing the Alpe Adria Trail and tractors trundling in with the harvest are the only interruptions.


Here, the Slovenian region of Goriška merges seamlessly into Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia; and surveying the rolling hills and scattering of red-roofed farmhouses, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were across the border. This part of Slovenia has a character quite different to the misty mountains around Lake Bled and the busy towns of the Adriatic coast. The country might be small, but it packs a lot into twenty thousand square kilometres.


Slovenia, 1 of the 10 Safest      Countries in the World

Start planning your travel to this peaceful place. If you are looking for a beautiful place, quiet and natural... Wonderful sea and beaches, untouched nature, very friendly people, food and excellent wine, inimitable olive oil.....

Here in Slovenia no terrorist attaks, no riots, no problems! You and your family will be sure and totally relaxed.

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