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Enjoy the discovery of this fantastic area. The trails in this region will take in the ancient salt mines, which have existed for over 700 years, through olive groves, crops persimmon and artichoke, to lead you through the vineyards to the towns and villages on the sea. From the hills inland open marvelous views of the green Istrian landscape that blends with the endless blue of the sea. Finish the day by tasting the freshly caught fish, a good soup and fragrant ham and Teran Karst.
Despite its modest 47 km, the Slovenian coast is full of surprises. Let yourself be charmed by its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of the ancient seaside towns. Forget the hectic pace you're used to! Here you will slide into a quiet life that will regenerate completely, body and soul.

From the blue sea to the picturesque hinterland
The Green Bay Strunjan, Izola and Piran, is a protected nature reserve. The green walls overlooking the sea (cliffs), 80 meters high, that nature continues to transform at will. The promontory of Strugnano with its 80 meters boasts the highest wall flyschoid Adriatic.
Deep in Slovenian Istria with its picturesque villages. Discover the karst landscape, which invites with its winding streets and old stone villages and offers plenty of culinary delights. A completely different world, but equally amazing is hidden underground or in countless karst caves, the most famous of which are the Postojna Cave. A train will take you inside the caves, and from there will begin a fascinating journey among stalagmites and stalactites with special sizes and shapes. You'll seem to be at the center of the earth.

Bike paths and hiking trails
At the spa, just 2 km from our apartments, start eight well-marked trails of the total length of 80 kilometers. Set off on foot or bicycle through the beautiful landscape to the Piran Tartini, Island fishermen or Portoroz, mundane tourist town. The mild climate allows you to walk or ride a bike all year round, even in winter.
Visit the Savrinia, beautiful though poor hillside above the river Dragonja. During the season of wild asparagus can collect this ancient aphrodisiac. It is said that the ancient Romans are to grant bathrooms wild asparagus.

Circular path in Portoroz and Piran
The circular bike path leading from Strunjan to Portoroz and Piran, 13 km long, is suitable for everyone. This trail is particularly interesting because it goes through a tunnel of the former narrow-gauge railway line between Trieste and Porec, the so-called Parenzana, which today is part of the Path of health and friendship. You can follow it on foot.
Along the road to Strugnano is the famous tree-lined avenue with 116 pines. It is one of the best preserved avenues in Slovenia and therefore a natural monument protected.
Strugnano is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area: north to the Italian coast and the Gulf of Trieste, south to the river Dragonja and the Croatian coast. Italy riding a bike can be reached already in an hour and a half, while Croatia is just an hour. Staying in the area, you can visit the towns of Izola, Piran and Portoroz which are connected to Strugnano also interesting walking and cycling paths.
Izola, the green jewel of the Slovenian coastal area with its tranquil seaside location, mild climate, and near the bay salt provides the optimal conditions for a health bioclimatic. Its location by the sea, in the middle of the protected nature park will allow you to establish a close contact between you and nature and, therefore, to create the conditions that will help you do what is best for your health.

With its long tradition of salt-making fruit and viticulture and horticulture spring, this coastal area is an excellent choice for people looking for relaxation in unspoilt nature. It ‘also a great starting point for curious tourists who love to discover and experience many new things during their holiday. It is located not far from the coastal towns of Piran and Portoroz and other picturesque Istrian villages, and has direct access to modern boats that lead to Trieste or Venice.


80 kilometers of walking paths
Take a walk along the paths exciting, but safe, ranging from Izola Strunjan – exploring the network of eight signposted routes covering a total distance of 80 km and run through the unspoiled beauty of the coastal landscape. A map of trails is available for guests.
There are marked trails that lead in many other places. One of them takes you to the medieval town of Piran and the fashionable seaside resort of Portoroz. If you take the path that leads through a tunnel in which the former narrow gauge railway Trieste-Porec used to run, you can get by Strugnano, through an incredibly scenic route to the bustling cosmopolitan resort of Portoroz in under an hour . Another path towards Portorož runs through extensive olive groves. All routes are marked on the map of trails of Piran.
The configuration of the terrain is ideal for Nordic walking and mild climate allows you to engage in this activity throughout the year, including winter.

Slovenian coast
Explore the 47 km of the Slovenian coast, visit charming old villages, as well as other attractions of this special Adriatic peninsula.
Here in Slovenia, countless adventures await you in spite of its small size
The convenient location of Izola, making it a great starting point to explore – north to the Italian coast, to the Gulf of Trieste, and south to the river Dragonja and the Croatian coast.
The experience of a different point of view of the coast? Take a trip on a tourist boat.


Cultural, sporting and fun
Feel the authenticity of yesteryear, listening to the sounds of summer events in Piran, the birthplace of the famous violin virtuoso and composer Giuseppe Tartini. In Izola, you will be taken from the tradition of fishing, while Portorož, Portoroz or port of roses in Italian, has become a real tourist center cosmopolitan.
A few miles from Portoroz are the famous Sečovlje salt pans. The unique scenery of the salt marshes, which also characterizes the only lagoon on the Slovenian coast, Stjuža, home to over 270 species of birds. And ‘possible to drive along the salt marshes with trail bike D8, and you can also visit them. The landscape is lunar!
Take a look at ancient salt giving you a spectacular view as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. These salt marshes are part of the most widespread saline Piran, whose first written reference dates back to 804. It ‘the salt is what allowed him to Piran to win power and wealth under the rule of the Serenissima: regarded as “white gold” it was so rare and important, has given rise to the term “wages” in Roman times.

Salt and tradition
In the salt marshes – the northernmost of the Mediterranean – the salt is still produced in the traditional way. This unique setting, which also characterizes the only lagoon on the Slovenian coast, Stjuža, is a combination of extraordinary and unparalleled plant and animal habitats.


Explore the flavors and the Istrian cuisine
Primorska, the region that hosts this wonderful nature reserve, is a region marked by ethnographic tradition and gastronomy. The Istrian villages will teach you everything you need to know about the production of virgin olive oil; you can taste delicious Istrian dishes with fresh vegetables, artichokes and asparagus in the spring, and truffles in autumn, and toast with excellent wines of Primorska.
The charming coastal town of Izola, Piran and Portoroz are a stone’s throw away, while inland the beauty of the Istrian villages await you.
The abundance of good humor in the Primorska region is also due to the local wine growers, whose award-winning wines and enjoy an international reputation.


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