Biking from home to Piran... no stress for expensive parking! Only nature and fantastic landscapes!

Piran is a wonderful village on the slovenian coast. It's nice to visit in any season, but it is impossible to arrive in the center with car or motorbike or other. Only with bicicle you can see all the village in relax! The parkings out of the village are expensive and you can arrive in the center or with free bus, taxi  or walking. These are the reason that we advice to go there with bicycle or e-bike!  


An important information about the beaches of Piran: the beaches are not so nice, only Fiesa beach is nice, the other zones by the sea ... only cement. Also to arrive to Fiesa with car, you have to pay, and one more time, if you decide do see Fiesa... the bicycle is winner!


Come on, our excursion is starting!


The sun is shining and we are biking to Piran! Only 8 km from our apartments, biking trough a lovely secondary road with spectacular landscapes! From home, Dobrava Belvedere, passing for Strunjan's saltpans, up on the hill for Piran surrounded by perfumed trees, stop to the Castle and down for Tartini square, the pearl of Piran. 

Bike, no stress for expensive parkings! To be off the beaten track discovering the hidden treasures of Piran, as well as the quieter and more charming corners of the city, and possibility to "absorbe" the flavour and the scents of this wonderful zone.


And when we'll be back, a fresh wine in the garden, relaxed on a comfy sunlounger under the jasmine. 


All the seasons are perfect to visit our region. 


Winter in Izola, view of Piran.

Exactly this photo is token from Dobrava (Belvedere zone, Izola). 10 minutes walking from our apartments, is reachable this panoramic point.

Below is visible Strunjan, and the saltpans (another nice and interestic excursion for all  the seasons).

The gulf between Strunjan and Piran, where are mollusc farms far away from the beach. And a long beach, organized or natural under the cliffs.

In the middle of the photo is visible the church of Piran, on the tip of the long promontory.

On the other side of the sea (Adriatic sea), is softly visible the Italy and In clear days is possible to see Venice.

Arrival in Piran, by Piran castle. Amazing view walking on the castle walls, or from the little square near the castle. 

Follow us!

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