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Belvedere Apartments Izola   Dobrava 5c     6310 Izola (SLO)  |  gsm +386.031.285316   |   email:


About us

We are Daniela and Oliviero, nice to meet you! Having home on the Slovenian coast, allows us to realize our dream: to rent to tourists 4 nice apartments. Our house is surrounded by nature, and is in the beginning of Natural Park of Strunjan, 2 km from Izola and 2 km from Strunjan. For us and our dog  we have a big garden with olive trees and lawn! For tourists we have another garden with a pomegranate, laurel bushes and blackberry bushes that surround it.... all surrounded by hundred of olive trees! 

After years in which we have attended Slovenia to work, we have finally achieved our dream.

Here the olive trees have a great law; if planted can not be removed for at least 95 years. And we are surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation. We are on a promontory that descends to the sea with beautiful cliffs preceded by a grove. Here via a path inside a grove you come to the beautiful natural beach of Bele Skale, where the sea is crystal clear and with colors that embrace all shades of turquoise and emerald green.

From the headland there is a spectacular view and live unforgettable sunsets. The Gulf of Trieste, the Bay of Strunjan with its salt marshes, the tip of Piran, the hills covered in vineyards and olive groves. Even those who arrive by boat and moor at the Marina, is a walk to the Belvedere, because it is known that the views it offers are unforgettable. All remain amazed by the colors, scents and sight.

Directly from the house you can go down to the sea in 15 minutes, or to leave for walking or cycling. Here in Slovenia there are bike paths made very well and one of these, the famous Parenzana 132 km long, starts from Trieste and, through Slovenia, up to Porec in Croatia. So it is very relaxing and safe bicycle use, and allows you to reach places to live and that the car would not allow.


In other post I'll tell you something about Izola, the lovely town where we live.

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